Delivering hardware
for embedding
intelligence everywhereTM
Creating Thinking Machines is a company born of the ambition to embed intelligence everywhere. We drive innovation in nanotechnology, computation and artificial intelligence. Our approach empowers hardware with performance and abilities impossible to realise using only commercially available technologies.

We offer unique products that can be deployed across four key computational pillars. These novel hardware solutions will equip AI systems with sensing, recognition, learning and reasoning capabilities, whilst operating at the boundaries of energy efficiency. Our vision is to ultimately combine these functionalities towards creating thinking machines.

The Founders
Prof Themis Prodromakis
Themis is the Regius Professor of Engineering at the University of Edinburgh and is recognised as a world expert in Nanoelectronics. He has experience with developing and successfully leading interdisciplinary programmes in close partnership with industry with his research portfolio over the past 8 years valued at over £40M. He is recognised as a pioneer of emerging memory technologies and develops novel hardware solutions for Artificial Intelligence. His research is widely disseminated via over 200 research papers, 12 patents and through delivering about 15 invited talks per year.
Dr Alex Serb
Alex is an Electronics Engineer with a track-record in developing bio-inspired hardware solutions ranging from bio-signal sensors to abstract symbol manipulation processors. He has significant experience with memristive technologies, implementing in silico unconventional computing hardware and testing automation tools that have led to the establishment of ArC Instruments Ltd.
George Achillias
George has more than 18 years of experience in designing and deploying global business strategies within innovation ecosystems, while achieving set company targets and developing company reputation within challenging market places. He has been demonstrating strong product and business knowledge to manage global sophisticated projects from inception to completion within timely and budgetary constraints. He is a published author on AI. He holds a BSc on Nuclear Physics from UPatras, an MBA from the Bentley University and he is PhDc at Technical University of Crete.
intelligence everywhereTM
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